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a part of me likes to think that cecil’s first impression of carlos wasn’t nearly as eloquent as “and i fell in love instantly”


So because Halloween is coming up soon (well at least in tumblrs view), i decided to make a cheesy horror poster for WTNV.


So because Halloween is coming up soon (well at least in tumblrs view), i decided to make a cheesy horror poster for WTNV.


More pure adorableness.
Drew this at work, hee hee hee


More pure adorableness.

Drew this at work, hee hee hee



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Ever since it was first hinted that Cecil has a sister, I feel like all the fanon has been that she’s older that he is, and has a tough, sensible caretaker sort of vibe. When all I want from this is endless Lilo & Stitch riffs.

Teenage Cecil has just been promoted from unpaid intern to Voice of Night Vale. Between that and the inheritance now that his mother has been ruled “municipally most-likely-dead”, he’s doing pretty well financially.

But he’s also been left the legal guardian of his seven-year-old sister. And trying to take care of her — while holding down a full-time job, all without dropping out of high school — is stressful, to say the least. Both siblings’ tempers are starting to fray.

Maybe they should get a dog.


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A Softer World meets WTNV: Cecilos edition
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oh god i was in the shower and i suddenly burst out laughing because like

i was thinking about how carlos could see the whole town through different pictures and stuff

and i have nO IDEA why but it reminded me of the simpsons in Burn’s Mansion where there are cameras around everyone’s houses

…and imagined cecil hiding in the bathroom eating flowers



A Listener’s Guide to The Thrilling Adventure Hour / WTNV Crossover




Hello Listeners!

You may have already seen that the great Welcome to Night Vale / Thrilling Adventure Hour crossover show will be released on October 1st. And yet, you still may not have gotten caught up on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.  You thought you’d have more time!  Well, time travel is no longer illegal, so just go ahead and zip back a month or two and begin getting caught up on TAH.

If your time travel machine is broken, and instead, you’d like a crash course into what you need to know before October 1st, read on!

So by now you might be wondering: What the heck is this Thrilling Adventure Hour thing?  Should I be listening to it as well as Welcome to Night Vale?  Are they similar at all?  Do I have room in my heart for two podcasts?  Will the Sheriff’s Secret Police show up in an unmarked van and haul me away?

The answers to these questions are:  We’re about to tell you.  Yes.  Sort of.  Probably.  Definitely. (But not for listening to TAH.  You know what you did.)

As huge fans of both podcasts, this post we’re making here is just going to be a basic introduction to Thrilling Adventure Hour, what you need to know for the crossover show, and what you need to know to become an Adventurekateer.  Oh, yes, TAH fans are called Adventurekateers.  Fun, right?  Anyway, we’re not going to go SUPER in depth into exactly what TAH is.  For that, we highly recommend you go check out whitachi’s awesome TAH introduction post here.  Really, as soon as you finish reading this post, go read that post, too. Or, go read it now.  Or after you get back from your sojourn to THE BROWNSTONE SPIRE.  

We’re going to put a Read More cut here because we care about your dash, but please click it.  What else are you going to read, a book?  Do you really think you’ll make it back from the Library?  Well, it’s your choice.

Read More

FYTAH just put together a fantastic, uber-detailed guide for fans of Welcome to Night Vale who want to get started with Thrilling Adventure Hour!

Take a look— they put a lot of effort into it. This blog is one of the reasons I (Alice) started listening to TAH, and I love it. Give this blog post a look if you’ve ever considered getting into the show!


Tumblrites, I give you Night Vale Bingo.

Next time you settle in to listen to an episode of Welcome to Night Vale, print out one of these cards and make a mark the first time Cecil mentions the person, place, or thing in a given square.